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Airless Spray Gun
Airless Paint Sprayer Set


Airless Paint Sprayer Set

  • Silence and clean: no air pollution, no noise when operation.
  • High Pressure: Pressure adjusting range from 0-210 bar (0-3000 psi). Great atomization saves paint.
  • Precise spraying, low spill of paint : no thinner needed.
  • Simple structure: easy maintenance, low maintenance cost.
  • Stable and continuous pressure, low pulsation: gets better performance of painting.
  • Standard adaptor: easy to connects with other accessories!
Features Description
  • Servo system controlled, hydraulic system drive piston pump, powerful continuous spraying.
  • High quality brushless electric motor, silence and energy saving.
  • Stainless steel piston pump, with sturdy Trolley, moves freely!
  • High Pressure, up to 210 bar. Max. hose length up to 100M.
  • High Delivery, Max. 6.5 liter per minute.
  • Anti-corrosion material applied in all contact parts.
  • Standard adaptor, can be connects with most accessories
220 V /50 HZ
Power Output
3 HP
Max. Flow
6.5 l/min
Flow w/Tip
Max 5.5 l/min
Max. Spray Tip
1.04 mm (0.041")
Working Pressure
Max 210 bar
Hose Length
Max 100M
92 kgs
Max 1500 cSt

Accessories :
Higher Pressure Hose : 3/8"x15M-1/4" x 1 pc
Pressure Gauge x 1pc
Airless Spraying Gun x 1 pc
Spraying Tip: 1 pc
Spraying Tip Base: 1 pc

Option accessories :
Extension Pipe: 50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm.
Universal Adaptor
Anti-spill valve

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