A-160FR Diaphragm Pump w/Regulator & Filter

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Prowin Tools Company’s air-powered double-diaphragm pumps are highly praised for cost effective in a wide range of special applications. They can delivery sludges and slurries with grit, high viscous liquids, chemicals, cement, etc. The products will not be damaged while idling for a long period of time. They can be safely used in hazardous environments, need no control equipment and cause no electrical danger. The pressure of the outlet of the pumps could be regulated when the machine is running, and there is no need to install any high-cost speed-changeable motor or drive device.

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This high quality Twin Diaphragm Pumps can easily pump anything from water, paint, lube oil, detergents, or even antifreeze at a maximum flow rate of 25L/min. The high quality twin diaphragms are made from Teflon to extend life and improve pump efficiency. Constructed from lightweight but sturdy ADC-12 material, this twin diaphragm pump will provide you with years of worry free use when properly maintained and used as directed.
These are popular with spray painters who want to run one or two spray gun off the one pump. Great for industrial paint jobs. They can also be used to pump paint around a factory to different painting locations.


Max Flow Rate
6.61 Gallon/Per Min. ; 25 Liter/Per Min.
Avg. Air Cons.
180 Liter / Per Min. ; 6.35 Scfm / Per Min.
Lowest Pressure
0.5 Bar (kgf/cm²) ; 7.25 psi
Max Pressure
8.3 Bar (kgf/cm²) ; 120 psi
Working Pressure Advised
1.5 ~ 5 Bar (kgf/cm²) ; 21.75 psi ~ 72.5 psi
Quantity / Cycle
80 ml
Net Weight
6 kg
Assemble Size
41(L)cm x 28(W)cm x 49(H)cm
Air Inlet
1/4″ PT (BSP)
Air Outlet
1/4″ PT (BSP)
Liquid Inlet / Outlet
3/8″ PT (BSP)
Inlet Lift (Deep)
6 m-wet ; 3.7 m- dry
Solid Limit
Ø1.5 mm
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