AF-168BA Air Filter /Auto-Drainer

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The Type AF-168BA Filter unit is a 5-micron filtration depth filter that removes dirt, moisture and other particles from air and gas lines. This unit stands up in corrosive operating conditions. This filter is an economical alternative for air supply line applications that don’t require a pressure reducing regulator. Manual and automatic drain. Optional 5-micron filter.


Air Inlet
Air Outlet
Max. Flow Valume
120 CFM (3,396 l/min)
Max. Filter Oil Grade
5 Micron Filtration
Eliminate Water Up to
Max. Pressure
300 PSI
Outer Diameter
L185 x W110 x H290 mm
Net Weight
2.3 kgs


  1. Pis hold the filter on the right position. Do not topple even after using.
  2. For better performance of filter the Air hose must be more than 9M.
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